L.B - London, E10

"I recently did an RTT session with Brid as I had an underlying feeling of not being good enough.  Brid made me feel entirely at ease, and I felt safe during the session.
I saw an immediate impact following the session.  My confidence received a boost.  I started a new job and I felt sure and certain of myself during my first week. I asserted myself into the role and didn't have any of the hesitancy that I would have previously.

I also started to see links between the challenges in my life and to understand why I struggle with certain things. It's helped me to make sense of some of the confusion I had and I see things more clearly.  I don't feel paralysed by indecision anymore.

I have been seeing a traditional therapist for the last few months. I found that RTT linked together very nicely with therapy, but it seemed to accelerate the progress I had been making.  My sessions following RTT were much more productive and some of the loose ends I had seemed to tie together.  I think I probably would have made the same progress with traditional therapy, but it would take a lot longer.  I'd like to do another RTT session in a few months and see if I get another "power boost."

I would definitely recommend RTT with Brid.  You will see real benefits" L.B - London, E10