S.S - London, E17

"I went to see Brid to work on my anxiety. I was attracted to RTT because of the possibility of addressing problems directly and getting quicker results.

The actual hypnosis was such an amazing experience. Throughout I felt totally in control but my mind was able to focus on possible causes of my anxiety. I've never had this sort of clarity before. The whole time I felt safe and totally relaxed. The days following were so much calmer and less fraught for me and listening to the recording helps me to refocus and use the tools I have gained since having RTT. I'm confident that this will keep me on my journey towards an anxiety free life. It's totally within my power now.
Brid explained everything so well and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far.

My awareness has been awakened and I am confident that I have left many old habits feelings in the past, where they belong." S.S - London, E17

L.B - London, E10

"I recently did an RTT session with Brid as I had an underlying feeling of not being good enough.  Brid made me feel entirely at ease, and I felt safe during the session.
I saw an immediate impact following the session.  My confidence received a boost.  I started a new job and I felt sure and certain of myself during my first week. I asserted myself into the role and didn't have any of the hesitancy that I would have previously.

I also started to see links between the challenges in my life and to understand why I struggle with certain things. It's helped me to make sense of some of the confusion I had and I see things more clearly.  I don't feel paralysed by indecision anymore.

I have been seeing a traditional therapist for the last few months. I found that RTT linked together very nicely with therapy, but it seemed to accelerate the progress I had been making.  My sessions following RTT were much more productive and some of the loose ends I had seemed to tie together.  I think I probably would have made the same progress with traditional therapy, but it would take a lot longer.  I'd like to do another RTT session in a few months and see if I get another "power boost."

I would definitely recommend RTT with Brid.  You will see real benefits" L.B - London, E10