S.A - London, E10

"The hypnotherapy made a very deep impact on me. It was not intrusive or invasive in any way. It didn’t feel like anything was being done to me, but rather that Brid was facilitator, giving me the time and space to focus inwards on my own mind in a new way.

It unlocked access to memories I didn’t think I had, but unlike trying to remember the past, it placed me right there. It wasn’t simply remembering how I felt; it was a first-hand tangible feeling, very crisp and clear, unlike the patchy and foggy fragments of my conscious memories.

It was a very powerful experience, which left a strong and lasting impression on me; helping me understand my sense of being in the world and where that comes from. " S.A - London, E10

J.W – London E17

“I had counselling sessions for a year with Brid and I found it such a release to be able to say everything that was on my mind in a totally supportive atmosphere. Brid helped me understand better the possible causes of the negative thought processes that had begun to overwhelm me, to deal with difficult situations in a more constructive way, and to be more accepting of myself. Change didn't happen overnight, nor was it dramatic. Rather, one day I had a moment of realisation that I was feeling better and stronger emotionally and that this process of change had actually been happening bit by bit, over the course of my sessions. Thanks to Brid, I'm feeling better able to deal with what life throws at me” J.W – London E17

S.S - London, E17

"I went to see Brid to work on my anxiety. I was attracted to RTT because of the possibility of addressing problems directly and getting quicker results.

The actual hypnosis was such an amazing experience. Throughout I felt totally in control but my mind was able to focus on possible causes of my anxiety. I've never had this sort of clarity before. The whole time I felt safe and totally relaxed. The days following were so much calmer and less fraught for me and listening to the recording helps me to refocus and use the tools I have gained since having RTT. I'm confident that this will keep me on my journey towards an anxiety free life. It's totally within my power now.
Brid explained everything so well and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far.

My awareness has been awakened and I am confident that I have left many old habits feelings in the past, where they belong." S.S - London, E17